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If you love acting but aren’t sure how to pursue it, RADA is the perfect place to begin your journey – whatever your experience. Our team of expert tutors have a huge range of professional experience, and we dedicate our teaching to helping you grow and develop the skills you need as an artist or performer.

In-person at RADA

Acting for Young Actors
Elements of RADA Workshops: in-person
Short Course Saturdays
Spoken English for Actors: in-person
Telling Tales
Scene Study for Actors: in-person
Advanced Scene Study for Actors: in-person
Acting for Camera
Stanislavski: Physical Action
Contemporary Drama Summer School

Blended (combination of online and in-person)

Acting Fundamentals
Advanced Acting Fundamentals
Part-time Blended Foundation Course in Acting


Elements of RADA Workshops: online
Spoken English for Actors: online

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"It reinvigorates you – every class you discover something different, and you don't want to let that go."
Daniel, Advanced Acting Fundamentals