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Monday 22 June 2020, 10am

The RADA Festival is proud to be announced as a commissioning partner for Homemakers, a digital festival created by HOME in Manchester.

The programme offers fully-funded commissions, inviting artists to create new works at home, for an audience who are also at home. Whether it is a live stream, recorded performance, interactive story or game, these new works seek to challenge the definition of 'live performance' as we all face the challenge of continuing creativity during the lockdown.

The RADA Festival usually takes place at RADA across 10 days in June and July, giving a platform for graduates and their wider networks to explore different creative practices and develop innovative ideas in theatre-making.

As the RADA Festival cannot take place in its usual format, we are thrilled to team up with HOME to present a selection of our graduate work. The artists were given the opportunity to share stories from around the world, and the challenge of creating new work within the parameters of lockdown and social restrictions. The pieces will be available on the HOME website under a Pay What You Can scheme.

We are delighted to welcome back graduates from across the years from our BA Acting and MA Theatre Lab courses, presenting a variety of styles, ideas and artforms.

Our new commissions are:

  • My Darling Christopher by Hot Coals Theatre
    Based on the true story of Clive, a seven-year-old boy who, on the eve of World War II, contracted meningitis and lost his sight and hearing.
  • Turkey Sausage Roll by Karen Cogan, performed by Faoileann Cunningham
    A monologue drama about a woman who is holding her girlfriend's hand with her left hand, and a turkey sausage roll with her right. We visit her restless, acerbic mind as she survives the worst day of her life.
  • I AM ALL THE ROOMS OF THE HOUSE by Hester Ullyart
    A poem that delves into various intimate truths of characters – using surreal character set-ups around the house.
  • TUBESONG by Tom Edward-Kane with illustration by Polly Misch
    How far will one Dove go to find its mate? Or a Spider, to find its friend? And where in the deep tunnels of the London Underground will we find the reason to carry on?
  • A Manual of Fantastic Zoology by Tanmay Dhanania and Soumyak Kanti de Biswas
    Inspired by The Book of Imaginary Beings by Jorge Luis Borges. Exploring ourselves, going through the gamut of our minds, and unlocking our own book of Imaginary Beings…
  • The Very Error of the Moon: a response to Othello by Leaphia Darko at The London Rep
    A black millennial response to Othello, exploring the themes of the play and giving focus to the vibrancy of the language.

Read about all the online events here and find out more about Homemakers on the HOME website.