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The knowledge shared by graduates ensures that our training remains informed by and responsive to the evolving needs of the creative industries. As a graduate, we hope you will consider contributing to professional development sessions, leading a masterclass or offering mentorship as a RADA Buddy.

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Continue your creative practice

Your training doesn't end when you graduate. You can continue your professional development after graduation in many ways and we welcome suggestions from graduates of areas that you would like further support on. Find out more about current opportunities.

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Creative opportunities

We provide continued creative opportunities for our graduates.

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Supporting RADA

Our alumni play a vital part in helping RADA continue to flourish and provide the continued level of excellence in our training for the next generation. Join us in raising funds to support the artists of the future.

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As a graduate of one of our full-time courses, join our alumni network to keep in touch with us, hear our latest news and find out more about what we can offer you.

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