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Join us this summer

Last spring and summer we welcomed 500 students onto our Short Courses aged between 16-70 from over 30 countries - to give them a taste of our training.

From the feedback we gain and the relationships we build with our attendees, we know that our Short Courses have a lasting impact on people’s lives - and many people return to us each year.

These have been some of the most exciting, memorable and beautiful days of my life.
Isabel Klein, Stanislavski: Physical Action attendee

Explore your creativity

I thought I would be scared: what will people think of me? Am I good enough? But it wasn’t like that one bit. You were made to feel safe.
Laura Whitmore, Shakespeare Summer School and Shakespeare in Action attendee

A quick reminder - some of our courses run all year

If you'd like to experience RADA despite working, you can explore your acting talents with courses that only take place during evenings/weekends.

Or if you want to feel more confident with Shakespeare, why not perform for a RADA tutor and gain individual feedback? The Shakespeare Awards are fun, creative, and open to everyone.