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Join us this summer

Last spring and summer we welcomed 500 students onto our Short Courses aged between 16-70 from over 30 countries - to give them a taste of our training.

From the feedback we gain and the relationships we build with our attendees, we know that our Short Courses have a lasting impact on people’s lives - and many people return to us each year.

These have been some of the most exciting, memorable and beautiful days of my life.
Isabel Klein, Stanislavski: Physical Action attendee

Explore your creativity


Whether you are a complete beginner or want to build on your existing experience, we design something for everyone from week-long courses that focus on specific genres such as Clown or Ages and Stages of English Drama. It’s also possible to sample different techniques in the Dynamic Acting for Young Actors for one or two weeks.

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I thought I would be scared: what will people think of me? Am I good enough? But it wasn’t like that one bit. You were made to feel safe.

Theatre Production

There are also intensive, practical one-week courses in theatre production for anyone interested in technical theatre. You can learn design and production techniques across a variety of disciplines including property making or set and costume design. Apply now.

Join us

If you want to discover or build on your talents alongside our prestigious teaching faculty, try one of our Short Courses next year. Acting and Theatre Production applications are now open for entry in 2019.

A quick reminder - some of our courses run all year

If you'd like to experience RADA despite working, you can explore your acting talents with courses that only take place during evenings/weekends.

Or if you want to feel more confident with Shakespeare, why not perform for a RADA tutor and gain individual feedback? The Shakespeare Awards are fun, creative, and open to everyone.