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Wednesday 6 February 2019, 11am

As you watch one of our RADA productions, you may be struck by the creative use of lighting, sound, set and costumes, all of which demonstrate the skills of our theatre production students.

Less immediately visible to an audience, but crucial to the running of a show, is the role of stage management. Responsible for making sure a production runs smoothly, the duties of a stage management team range from attending and organising rehearsals and liaising between the director and technical teams; to cueing the show and running the wings.

On RADA’s FdA in Technical Theatre and Stage Management, stage management is taught throughout the first year alongside rotational teaching of the various technical disciplines.

Many students specialise in stage management in the second year of their foundation degree, when students take on key production roles that mirror their prospective jobs in the industry, in preparation for work after graduation.

Bethany Lockitt trained on the FdA in Technical Theatre and Stage Management, and during her training was DSM (deputy stage manager) on Romeo & Juliet, ASM (assistant stage manager) for Linda and stage manager for Cathy.

“As an aspiring stage manager, the course has provided me with a realistic indication of what to expect when we transition into the industry. So far it has been an amazing opportunity to work alongside like-minded people who are committed to producing some of the most inspiring and innovative work I have ever had the opportunity to work on.”

Acting as the linchpin between multiple departments across a production, it is essential that a good stage manager not only has excellent communications skills, but has a clear understanding of the work of all the different teams. The breadth of our Technical Theatre and Stage Management course ensures that students have the opportunity to build their knowledge in many disciplines, not just those they will specialise in.

Students who want to specialise further can apply to study stage management on our BA (Hons) in Technical Theatre and Stage Management progression year, and we are proud to see many RADA-trained stage managers working across the industry: from large-scale events and West End musicals, to a wide variety of theatre across the UK and internationally, as well as applying their skills to the world of film and television.

“RADA is a community that undoubtedly encourages its students, from all walks of life, to believe that they can be whatever they want to be”, said Bethany. “Whether it be an actor, stage manager, designer or director, the sky is our limit and we are shown that anything is possible if we put our minds to it.”

Applications for all RADA's Theatre Production courses close on 22 February 2020.