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FdA in Technical Theatre and Stage Management and BA (Hons) progression year, 2019

Growing up, I always thought I was going to become a scientist. The idea of working in technical theatre wasn’t even a remote possibility, or something I knew existed. When I was 18, I moved to London to study Natural Sciences at UCL. While I was there I became involved in technical theatre purely by accident. From then on, if I wasn’t in lectures, I was backstage helping.

When I was in my final year, I realised I didn’t want to pursue science and that I wanted to dedicate my professional life to something I genuinely enjoyed. So I decided to apply to RADA.

The moment I stepped in for the interview, it felt like it was the right place for me. I gained a place and went on to complete the BA (Hons) TTSM course, specialising in lighting design, and these past years have proven invaluable for my knowledge and learning. Having spent all my life in exam-based education, it was refreshing to find that everything taught is practical, while staff put trust in the individual student and push them to produce the best work they can.

This course gave me the opportunity to explore all areas of technical theatre and provided a broad understanding of the industry and backstage work.

The best thing about RADA was the support you got from tutors, who were always there when you needed advice. I graduated in 2019 and I feel like RADA prepared me for what to expect in my career.

Lucia Sánchez Roldán