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FdA in Technical Theatre and Stage Management and BA (Hons) progression, 2022

I found out about RADA initially because of the Acting course but I did a job back home on a show as ASM (Assistant Stage Manager) and I think that got the ball rolling and completely turned my head to backstage and Technical Theatre and Stage Management. So, that’s what made me start looking into courses. I think I settled on RADA because every department you go into, you experience that show role and what they do, and each quirk that comes with working in that department. For me personally, I didn’t know what I wanted to specialize in – I knew that I liked Stage Management and might look into Scenic Art and Scenic Construction. I ended up specializing in Lighting and Stage Management and now, I work in Lighting.

Occasionally, it can be a complete curveball and I think that’s what is great about having these courses where you go into every single place and show role because you never know what’s going to throw itself at you and change your mind about what you want to do. It’s great that you get to experience all of that in various different shows. That’s what I think is great about RADA.

I also think it prepares you so well for the industry because you do so many shows on the course. It literally feels like you’re working. You’re not sitting down and getting lectures everyday – it’s a very professional environment and you get to feel like you are doing that role properly which I think helps you cope when you graduate because it doesn’t feel so far-fetched. They don’t create fake settings and environments; it’s very real. It’s how it is and it’s what you have to learn how to do and how to liaise with different departments and all of that. So, I think that’s what is great about the course.

Sam Marshall