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MA Theatre Lab, 2012

Before I applied for RADA I was working in the industry doing the usual low paid theatre, finding it hard to get auditions and feeling a little stuck. A few years earlier I had done the RADA Summer School (after a friend had recommended it) and I loved it, mainly because of the amazing teachers. So when I decided to go back to drama school, I was certain RADA was the place for me and was thrilled to discover the brand new MA Theatre Lab course.

My time on the course was incredible: a bit of a blur as it flashed by all too quickly, but it was intense, exhilarating, demanding and inspiring, and there’s no doubt the course changed me as a performer.

Now I am co-artistic director of Hot Coals Theatre alongside friend and collaborator Jo Sargeant, whom I met on the course. We make physical, visual theatre using clown and mask, and calling on all my Theatre Lab training.

Now I’m never waiting for the phone to ring with that ‘big break’... I’m out there making theatre and performing all the time and I’ve never been happier. Thank you RADA!

Clare-Louise English