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MA Theatre Lab, 2013

I joined the MA Theatre Lab in 2012 to find new and exciting ways of approaching theatre and acting.

Having been taught extensively at undergraduate level in the practices of Stanislavski, I felt strongly after several years in the industry that I needed to be pushed in a new way – a challenging way.

The challenge was discovered in the ensemble-based training of the actor that targets a readiness to create, and gives them the craft to shape their own fate and carve their own creative pathways within what can be an overwhelmingly competitive industry.

Looking around at other courses for postgraduate training, the MA Theatre Lab struck me as one that was unique in its creative process, especially in its eastern European roots and its seamless integrated embodied practices.

During the course I found unity with the practices of Jerzy Grotowski, and since graduating in 2013 I created Animikii Theatre with my fellow graduate, Henry McGrath. The company celebrates the ethics of ‘poor theatre’ and theatre laboratory training. We have created and toured nationally and internationally to many audiences, and we established the Northern Theatre Laboratory in Manchester as a leading work-centre for research and training in embodied theatre and acting practice.

As a working class artist, I received the support, time and resources needed to help me reimagine what my creative path could be.

Adam Davies