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Academic Board reports directly in to RADA council and overseas, establishes, monitors and reviews:

  • The operation of RADA’s artistic and academic policy and strategies, in particular for its higher education courses.
  • Learning and teaching within the Academy and ensure the academic quality of RADA courses, including short courses, as well as assessment procedures and policies.
  • RADA’s Admissions Policy
  • Quality of the student experience and maintain appropriate student support procedures.
  • RADA’s programmes are run in a way that is compliant with the validation agreement, any reports from the validating university and the agreed academic regulations.
  • Any major programmes changes at times required by the validating body or instigated by RADA with the permission of the validating body.
  • To instigate and give final approval to new courses to be submitted for validation and any to be awarded by RADA.
  • To receive and confirm the annual programme monitoring reports to be submitted to the validating body.
  • To consider RADA’s approach to research and developing research policy.
  • To advise on any matters as RADA’s Principal or Council may refer to the Academic Board.
  • To oversee RADA’s work in supporting widening participation.
  • To receive and ratify the results of RADA-awarded courses (for example, the Foundation Course in Acting)
  • To establish any committees to which the Academic Board may delegate its responsibilities and receive regular reports from these committees.

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RADA Committees and Meetings

The chart below shows the committees and meetings that feed into Academic Board.

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Our current list of governors and advisors for RADA can be viewed here.