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Admissions policies and procedures for students starting in 2019-20

Admissions policy

Terms and conditions

Tuition fees policy

Admissions appeals and complaints

Academic regulations and policies for RADA students

Please see below RADA’s Academic Regulations and Policies. These apply to all students on programmes validated by King’s College London.

The Student Code of Conduct applies to all higher education programmes (including the MA Text & Performance) and the Foundation Course in Acting.

Students on the Foundation Course in Acting will also be subject to the Disciplinary (non-academic misconduct) Policy and may use the Student Complaints policy if they wish to make a complaint about any aspect of their experience at RADA.

Academic Regulations 2017-18

Appendix 1: Student Code of Conduct 2017-18

Appendix 1: Student Code of Conduct 2018-19

Appendix 2: Attendance Policy and Procedures

Appendix 3: Mitigating Circumstances Policy and Procedures

Appendix 4: Disciplinary Policy and Procedures 2017-18

Appendix 4: Non-academic misconduct Policy and Procedures 2018-19

Appendix 5: Fitness to Train

Appendix 6: Early Release Policy and Procedures

Appendix 7: Intermission (Interruption of Studies) Policy

Appendix 8: Appeals Policy and Procedures

Appendix 9: Complaints Policy and Procedures

Appendix 10: Reasonable Adjustments Policy and Procedures

Appendix 11: Emergency Powers to Suspend and Exclude Students

Other relevant strategies and policies

Access and Participation Plan


Code of Practice on Freedom of Speech for meetings or other events

Foundation Course in Acting regulations and policies

Appendix 1: Student Code of Conduct

Appendix 2: Attendance Policy

Admissions policy

Admissions, appeals and complaints

Fees policy

Disciplinary Policy and Procedures

Complaints Policy and Procedures

Terms and conditions

MA Text and Performance

MA Text and Performance students will find academic regulations and policies, including academic appeals, complaints and terms and conditions, on the Birkbeck website

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