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We are pleased to launch This Weird Normal, available to listen to on Apple Podcasts and Spotify now.

A new five-part fiction podcast about seven young actors who had planned to take a theatre show to the Edinburgh Festival. Then the pandemic struck. Now it's June, and for some of the group it feels as if they are faced with a choice. Do they just sit about waiting for something – anything – to happen? Or do they start making plans?

This Weird Normal is based on an original idea by Asif Khan and was developed with Stella Kammel and Susan Wokoma. It is a RADA Audio Production. It was recorded by RADA sound specialists.

The cast is Rachel Barnwell, Omar Bynon, Gavi Singh Chera, Benjamin Isaac, Caleb Obediah, Sophie Kleiman, Katya Morrison, Mali O’Donnell, as well as RADA graduate Funlola Olufunwa and actors Patrick Brennan and Tracy Wiles.

The creative team included Director Jeremy Mortimer, Assistant Director Anita Gander, Executive Producer Pamela Jikiemi.

Sound Design and Recording was by Henry Boothroyd, Cathy Dixon, Henry Parritt and Ben Paveley overseen by Steve Mayo and Phil Matejtschuk with Sound Mixing from Adam Woodhams.

Find on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or whereever you listen to your podcasts.

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