Full screen

Cast in alphabetical order

Rachel Barnwell Holly

Patrick Brennan Dave

Omar Bynon Morgan

Gavi Singh Chera Richie/ Riz

Benjamin Isaac Shop Owner

Sophie Kleiman Shelly

Katya Morrison Susie

Caleb Obediah Hakeem

Funlola Olufunwa Aysha

Mali O'Donnell Pearl

Tracy Wiles Dawn

Creative team and crew

Writers Stella Kammel, Asif Khan, Susan Wokoma

Director Jeremy Mortimer

Assistant Director Anita Gander

Sound Designer and Recording Engineer Cathy Dixon

Sound Mix Engineer Adam Woodhams

Executive Producer Pamela Jikiemi

Episode 1 and 5 Sound Designer and Recording Engineer Cathy Dixon

Episode 2 Sound Designer Ben Paveley

Episode 2 Recording Engineer Henry Boothroyd

Episode 3 Sound Designer and Recording Engineer Henry Parritt

Episode 4 Sound Designer and Recording Engineer Ben Paveley

Music by Ryan Anderson, from the Album Never Sleep available under a Creative Commons license from

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Drama Cell, a new theatre company, are trying to put on a show. How do they do it? Where do they do it? How do they keep the audience socially distanced? And finally, how do you keep your motivation while balancing everything to survive in lockdown?

What do you do when you run out of milk during a pandemic? Hit the Baileys and get on the banana bread frenzy. Suzie can’t hug her mum and Riz might have overstayed his welcome at Pearl’s – and amongst all this, Drama Cell are trying to create a piece of theatre but they’ve got no following, no money and their dreams of going to the Edinburgh Festival are dead.

It’s theatre-geek love at first site. Holly doesn’t want to waste today’s excellent make-up, and Morgan is on the roof to get aerial shots from the Whitgift Centre for the promo film. Drama Cell is scoping out possible performance venues but life is getting in the way of making theatre.

The performance is tomorrow and is under threat. Drama Cell’s benefactor might be getting too involved and last minute artistic choices are adding tension. Riz is missing rehearsal, Hakeem has fallen out with his mum and the show venue might not be available. But most importantly, will Barry the bin man with a Strictly Come Dancing tattoo make it in to the final performance of Mashed Up London?

It is performance day. Or is it? In the final episode of the series of This Weird Normal Drama Cell have a lot of figure out to get this show on the road.