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Pursuing an acting or technical theatre career can be mentally and emotionally demanding. During this training, it's vital that students prioritise psychological wellbeing as they hone their craft. RADA's expanded Wellbeing Service, comprising of both counselling and disability services, can support students to thrive.

The Wellbeing Service proactively addresses mental health issues through individual support sessions, workshops for staff and students, and customized assistance plans for struggling students.

RADA strives to cultivate an inclusive community, continually improving care based on student feedback and data. We encourage students to share experiences, collaborate creatively and support each other, and teach students healthy ways to handle stress and find balance.

While training is intensive, students don't have to go it alone. Listening without judgement and responding with compassion are top priorities of staff working within the Wellbeing Service. RADA aims to help students overcome challenges and reach their full potential during their time at the academy.

For our students, making time for self-care activities like meditation, yoga or walks can relieve stress and connecting with classmates builds support systems. Reframing setbacks fosters resilience. RADA's wellbeing staff provide tools to manage stress and nourish creativity.

The RADA journey is a rollercoaster of discovery. By weathering the ups and downs as a community, the Wellbeing Service helps students to develop resilience, skills and support networks.

A recent survey (Student Minds, Feb 2023) found:

  • Over half of students surveyed said they have a current mental health issue.
  • One quarter of students surveyed said they have a current, diagnosed mental health issue.
  • 30% of students surveyed said their mental health had got worse since beginning university.

Click here to read the Student Minds Insight Briefing (Feb 2023).

Students can self-refer to the Wellbeing Service by emailing:

RADA is committed to nurturing resilient, multifaceted graduates. By addressing mental health needs, we empower students to flourish both personally and professionally.
Mike Bryant, Head of Student Wellbeing