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Thanks to all those who donated through The Big Give Christmas Challenge from 28 November – 5 December 2017 and to our Champion The Childhood Trust. We raised £50,000 towards RADA's widening participation and outreach programmes.

Thank you for helping us create opportunities for young people and make drama training accessible for all.

We are committed to inclusive, transformative training. We are dedicated to promoting diversity across our student body and to actively reducing barriers to access our training, including economic circumstances, cultural heritage, disability or social class.

Every year we aim to enable people of all backgrounds to access performing arts and theatre craft education of the highest standard. Our Widening Participation and Outreach Fund supports a strategic programme of activities that aim to open up pathways into higher education for individuals from under-represented communities in the arts.

Donations made through The Big Give Christmas Challenge support outreach projects including:

  • Partnerships with primary schools in London and youth organisations working with at risk young people, encouraging participation from people from disadvantaged backgrounds from an early age
  • Technical theatre taster sessions, aimed at encouraging diverse applications in technical theatre
  • Regional access workshops, targeted at low-income young people outside of London who may not have access to drama locally
  • Courses and workshops for young people with physical and sensory impairments through our Access to Acting programme.

To find out more please contact us on
+44 (0)20 7908 4799