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BA (Hons) in Acting, 2014

I still can’t quite compute the fact that I pretend to be other people for a living. However, from quite early on I knew I could make people laugh and whenever I walked on stage, my body and brain seemed to undergo an invisible, transformer-like shift: it just felt right.

Nevertheless, it took me until the ripe old age of 21 to fully declare, to whoever cared, that I wanted to at least try to become an actor. And I did that by applying to drama schools during my 3rd year at university.

During my formative years I had taken part in drama exams and performed in school productions, and I read Drama and Theatre Arts at Birmingham University – but the standout moment before drama school was joining the RADA Youth Company. For a year, my 17-year-old self got to spend her Saturday mornings riding the northern line to Goodge Street and got fed a taste of what it was like to train at RADA.

Needless to say, it powerfully fuelled my quiet dream of going to RADA.

Cut to 4 years later and I get a call from RADA’s Director himself, Edward Kemp, asking me if I’d like to join the acting class of 2014. I have been riding this wave ever since. My three years at RADA undoubtedly set an invaluable foundation for my last few years as an actor, and I am excited for whoever chooses RADA as the drama school for them.

Patsy Ferran