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BA (Hons) in Acting, 2022

I first heard about RADA when I was really young. I was doing loads of Googling on how to become an actor because I didn’t understand how you got into it and I saw that loads of my favourite actors had gone there and I got really excited and fell in love with the school.

When it came to sixth form, we were choosing what our next steps in life would be and I said that I wanted to go to RADA. A few teachers tried to steer me away from that and said that it was a very unstable career and RADA was really difficult to get into but after a few years of persevering and auditioning, I got in and it was the best feeling ever!

I think RADA really supported me and provided me with a huge toolbox of skills to be able to approach different types of acting and scripts. I think a lot of people ask: “Do you want to do theatre or film or TV or musical theatre”, like they are all separate but I think the skills RADA teaches you are so blended. You will be able to approach anything you’re given, learn to take risks, and learn to really push yourself to be able to delve into things that you never thought you would. So I think if you are considering applying to RADA, do it! Don’t doubt yourself, have fun and you will learn so much even from the audition process so just go for it!

Mila Carter