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Special skills

Accents: General American, New York (various), Southern, California, Israeli, Yiddish, RP, London (general), Cockney

Languages: Hebrew

Voice: alto

Dance: hip hop, modern (Horton), jazz, ballet (basic)

Other skills: theatre and film director, improv, hip hop improv / freestyle, teaching artist, yoga, lip syncing, Enhanced DBS check

Drivers licence: US

Previous experience

Projects at RADA
Jim, Dinner, devised by the Company, dir. Simona Gonella

Abby / Cab Driver / Josh, Schlepping, created and performed by Yael Elisheva and Lara Robinson (part of Lab Works)

Ensemble, We Shouldn't Be Here, devised by the Company with Ian Morgan and Henry McGrath of Eden's Cave, dir. Simona Gonella

Aaron / Patti La'scone, Drag Cabaret, dir. Jüri Nael

King Berenger, Exit the King by Eugène Ionesco, dir. Sinéad Rushe

Nils Krogstad, A Doll's House by Henrik Ibsen, dir. Linda Miller

Storyteller, Storycourse: Pridetable, dir. Adam Kantor

Ensemble, Seven Jewish Children, dir. Colm Summers, Columbia University

Alice Paul, A Journey of Women’s Suffrage, Drama Club at Rikers Island

Jayne, Shatter, Venus/Adonis Theater Festival

Dancer (lead), Take on Me, dir. Sidney Erik Wright, Retro Factory

Dancer, Summer Stage: Erasing Boundaries, George Faison Dance Experience

Shameless Juror, A Jury Line, West Village Theater Festival

Little Sally, Urinetown the Musical, dir. Larry Arancio, CAP21

Film and television
Ash, Tomorrow Tomorrow, dir. Katie Schiller

Therese, Killian and the Comeback Kids, Karmic Release Ltd.

Layla, When the Lights Go Out, dir. Rebecca Shapass

Venus, Picture This, dir. Rebecca Shapass

Naomi, Waking Up, Multihyphenate Productions

Siv, Here We Wait, dir. Bea Macapagal

Ava, Millenials in Real Life, dir. Erin McKeon

Simone, Mini Fridge, dir. Josh Horowitz,

Naydeen, GIG$, dir. Chia Minaya

Dog, We’re Next: A Pre-Electric Play, Venus Radio Theater

Unprotected (short film), dir. Grace Giffune

Directing / producing
Co-creator, Producer, Actor, EditorTomorrow Tomorrow, short film

Producer, Director, Puzzle Night, short sketch

Director, I Liked You Five Minutes Ago, New Play, New York Winter Theater Festival

Co-director, Our Stories, Our Strength, Drama Club, The Wooster Group Performance Garage

Facilitator, Co-Director, Actor, A Journey of Women’s Suffrage, Drama Club, Rikers Island

CAP21 Musical Theatre Conservatory, 2011-2014

Stella Adler: Approaching the Role, 2019

Peoples Improv Theatre levels 1-4

Northcoast Hip Hop Improv, 2019

RoundAbout Theatrical Teaching Insitute, 2018

Mental Health First Aid, 2019

Peadiactric First Aid, 2021

Safeguarding, 2021

Prevent for Practitioners, 2021

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace, 2021