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Productions whilst at RADA

  • Tsion
    House of Ife directed by Beru Tessema
  • B
    The Sewing Group directed by Joan Oliver
  • Arachne / Ciconian woman / Bauccis
    Metamorphoses directed by Tristan Fynn-Aiduenu
  • C
    Sticks and Stones directed by Diyan Zora
  • Thaisa / Diana
    Pericles (Shakespeare for Young Audiences) directed by Rachel Bagshaw
  • Mr Worthy
    The Recruiting Officer (course project) directed by Giles Havergal
  • Celia
    As You Like It (course project) directed by Aoife Smyth
  • Elektra
    Elektra (course project) directed by Mathew Wernham

Voice reels

Commercial Demo Reel
Narrative - Audiobook Demo Reel
Character - Animation
Documentary Demo (South African)


RADA presents Tamsin Benn's Screen Moment

RADA short film 2024

Quiz Night written & directed by Noella Mingo

Special skills

Accents and dialects: good ear for accents - Leeds, French, General American, Glasgow, Castilian, Australian, Republic of Ireland

Stage combat: BASSC Armed (distinction) and Unarmed (distinction)

Awards: The Sir Peter and Lady Saunders Laurence Olivier Bursary Award

Singing: soprano (G3-D6)

Dance: period

Other: swimming (highly skilled), football (skilled) and netball (skilled)