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Productions whilst at RADA

  • Lighting Programmer
    Gloria directed by Georgia Green
  • Chief Electrician
    The Effect directed by Gari Jones
  • Chief Electrician
    Vincent in Brixton directed by Jatinder Verma
  • Lighting Designer
    NSFW directed by Joan Oliver
  • Assistant Lighting Designer / Programmer
    Sweeney Todd directed by Nona Shepphard
  • Production Electrician
    Time and the Conways directed by Chipo Chung
  • Assistant Lighting Designer
    The Gift directed by Jasmine Teo
  • Lighting Designer
    Costume and Production Exhibition (December 2021) directed by Alison Cartledge and Daniel Collins
  • Production Electrician
    Stop Kiss directed by Stella Kammel
  • Radio Mic Runner
    Monster directed by Dadiow Lin
  • Follow Spot Operator / Construction Crew
    Red Velvet directed by Anni Domingo
  • Construction Crew
    The Seagull directed by Joan Oliver
  • Construction Crew
    Pomona directed by Jordon Stevens
  • Props Assistant
    Against directed by Psyche Stott
  • ASM2 / Props Assistant
    sunlight is the best disinfectant directed by Lesley Ewen
  • Props Assistant
    Consent directed by Jasmine Teo
  • Lighting Crew
    Margot Monroe's Nibelungenlied directed by David Glass
  • Lighting Crew
    King Lear (Shakespeare for Young Audiences) directed by Rachel Valentine Smith
  • Video Operator / Lighting Crew
    Phase One (Escape Room) directed by Anita Gander