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Special skills

Stage Combat: BASSC (distinction), Best Armed Scene (RADA Henry Marshall Prize Fights 2019)

Accents: RP, General American, New York, Cockney, Southern American, Dublin

Singing: baritone

Dance: period, folk, jazz

Music: guitar (intermediate)

Languages: Welsh (basic)

Other: athletics, rugby (school team), bouldering (intermediate), surfing

Driving licence: UK

Previous experience

Theatre: Zeus, Homer’s Iliad (National Theatre of Wales); Alex, A Clockwork Orange (Llanelli Youth Theatre - LYT); John Hale, The Crucible (LYT); Dieter Ackerman, The Edelweiss Pirates by Ayub Khan Din, (NationalTheatre Connections).

Member of Llanelli Youth Theatre 2013 - 2017.