Full screen

Productions whilst at RADA

  • Desiree
    Pains Of Youth directed by Polly Findlay
  • Anna
    The Wall (radio play) directed by Jeremy Mortimer
  • Mags
    The Ness (short film) directed by Edward Hicks
  • Clockwork Nanny / Miss Embalms
    Alice’s Wunderland 'Woods' (radio play) directed by Jeremy Mortimer
  • Alice Brown / Harriet Carker
    Dombey & Son (radio play) directed by Jeremy Mortimer
  • Daisy
    In Arabia We'd All Be Kings directed by Michael Fentiman
  • Elizabeth
    No One Sees the Video directed by Matthew Monaghan
  • Duchess of Venice
    Othello directed by Gary Lagden
  • Lady Fanciful
    The Provok'd Wife directed by Jane Bertish
  • Thersites
    Troilus and Cressida directed by Philip Cumbus
  • Clytemnestra
    Agamemnon directed by Andrew Mulligan

Voice reels

A Telephone Call by Dorothy Parker
The Handler
Talking With... by Jane Martin
100 Years of the Starling by NY Times
Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare
Commercial Reel
Drama Reel

Special skills

Stage Combat (BASSC) Distinction;
Good ear for accents: RP, Heightened RP, Cockney, New York, American South;
Singing: Mezzo-Soprano;
Dance: Period;
Languages: French (basic);
Sports: English riding (basic);
Clean U.S. driving licence;
Certified Bartender (American Bartending Association).

Previous experience

Bachelor of Fine Arts from State University of New York (SUNY);
Purchase College (won 2012 Program Award for Acting).


Shakespeare, reading, yoga, juggling, forensic science.