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Productions whilst at RADA

  • Wesley
    Curse of the Starving Class directed by Philip Dart
  • Ben
    God's Eye (short film) directed by Jane Gull
  • Reeda
    The Bicycle (short film) directed by Pamela Jikiemi
  • Judge Turpin
    Sweeney Todd directed by Nona Shepphard
  • Alan Conway
    Time and the Conways directed by Chipo Chung
  • Borachio / Friar Francis / Balthazar / Verges / Messenger
    Much Ado About Nothing (Shakespeare for Young Audiences) directed by Natasha Rickman
  • Claudio / Isabella
    Measure for Measure (course project) directed by Melanie Jessop
  • Creon
    Antigone (course project) directed by Beru Tessema
  • Alpiew
    The Basset Table (course project) directed by Emma Jude Harris

Voice reels

Commercial Demo 1 (Warm)
Commercial Demo 2 (Chatty)
Commercial Demo 3 (Quirky / characterful)
Commercial Demo 4 (Cool)
Voice reel - Modern
Voice reel - Prose
Voice reel - Shakespeare

Special skills

Accents and dialects: good ear for accents - Leeds, General American, RP, Liverpool, US Brooklyn, US West Virginia, Dublin

Singing: tenor

Dance: period, waltz

Music: guitar (intermediate), piano (intermediate), drums (basic)

Other: stage combat (armed and unarmed), horse riding (basic), swimming (competitively), music production, song-writing/composition

UK driving licence

Previous experience

RADA Foundation in Acting 2015-16