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Productions whilst at RADA

  • Silvius / Charles / Amiens
    As You Like It directed by Jatinder Verma
  • Ade
    Trapstar (short film) directed by Beru Tessema
  • Melvyn
    Against directed by Psyche Stott
  • Lear / Cornwall
    King Lear (Shakespeare for Young Audiences) directed by Rachel Valentine Smith
  • Proteus
    Two Gentlemen of Verona (course project) directed by Tony Bell
  • Lord Worthy
    The Bassett Table (course project) directed by Naeem Hayat and Edward Kemp
  • Xuthus
    Ion (course project) directed by Jane Bertish

Voice reels

Recorded in accordance with restrictions and guidelines due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.
Commercial Demo 1 (Warm)
Commercial Demo 2 (Chatty)
Commercial Demo 3 (Cool)
Commercial Demo 4 (Strong)
Voice reel - Modern
Voice reel - Prose
Voice reel - Shakespeare


Raphel Famotibe - screen moments

Special skills

Accents: RP, General American, Birmingham, Tyneside/Teeside, Black South African, African American Brooklyn

Awards: BronzeLens Film Festival - Best Actor

Singing: Baritone

Dance: Period, African dance traditional/contemporary, hip hop dance, break dancing

Languages: Yoruba (intermediate), French (intermediate)

Other skills: Rock climbing (intermediate), free running (intermediate), cycling (advanced), swimming (intermediate), range of ball sports (advanced), stage combat (armed and unarmed)

Provisional UK driving licence

Previous experience

Michael, We Love Moses, dir. Dionne Edwards (short)

Wale, Wale, dir. Barnaby Blackburn (short)

Simon, Possum, dir. Matthew Holness

Stephen, Rocks, dir. Sarah Gavron

Dapo, Damilola, Our Loved Boy, dir. Euros Lyn (TV movie)

2nd Dweller, Guerrilla, dir. Sam Miller (series)

Darren, Millie Inbetween, dir. Angie de Chastelai Smith (series)

Malachi Brownley, Casualty, dir. Jon Sen (series)

Radio / audio drama
Matthew, Jabota Bridge, RiverCross