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Special skills

Accents: General American*, Southern American, Midwest American, East Coast American, RP

Singing: Baritone

Physical performance: Basic Dagger/Rapier combat, intermediate stage combat, mime

Music: Basic Guitar

Sports: American Football, Baseball

Other: Canvas Stretching, Character Voices

Driving Licence: American Driver’s License

Previous experience

  • Juan, Summer Summer, dir. Oscar Giner (The Cherry Lane Theatre)
  • Ken, RED, dir. Carol Macleod (Theatre Artist’s Studio)
  • Faustus, Doctor Faustus, dir. Oscar Giner (Barrett, The Honors College)
  • Titus Andronicus, Titus Andronicus, dir. Kristin Hunt (Lyceum Theatre)
  • Tom, The Glass Menagerie, dir. Ben Tyler (Fountain Hills Theatre)
  • Young Man (Stanley Understudy), A Streetcar Named Desire, dir. Wyatt Kent (Lyceum Theatre)