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Productions whilst at RADA

Special skills

  • Professional improviser and improv teacher
  • Music: Ukulele and Guitar (Beginner), singing: (Speciality: Latinamerican Folk Music and Improvisation)
  • Dance: Contemporary Dance, Flamenco, Salsa
  • Sports: Swimming, Yoga, Crossfit
  • Production: Cultural Management
  • Languages: English, Spanish
  • Accents: Peruvian (Jungle – Highlands – Coast), Chilenian, Mexican, Colombian, Spanish, Cuban.

Previous experience


  • BA (Hons) Performing Arts – Catholic University of Peru (2009-2015)
  • Intership University Salvador – Buenos Aires (2014)
  • Theatrical Improvisation with Shawn Kinley (Keith Johnstone´s School, Calgary, Canada), Omar Argentino, Marcelo Savignone, Osqui Guzmán (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Physical Theatre: Neutral Mask, Melodrama, Commedia dell'arte, Corporal Mime, Dramatic Acrobatics, Bouffon.


  • Matilde, Deshuesadero (Physical Theatre Company) dir. Fernando Castro. Dramaturgic Award
  • Tu voz persiste (Imaginario Colectivo & Physical Theatre Company), devised piece, dir. Fernando Castro. Invited to Santiago OFF Festival (Chile)
  • Juan, Corita and Juan Padre, El Anhelo de Juan (LOT Theatre) dir. Leonor Estrada. Invited to International Festival of Dramatic Arts of Lima (Perú)
  • Matilde, Matilde Peña Teatro, devised piece, dir. Rodrigo Benza
  • Jamoncho, Santísima Muerte (Imaginario Colectivo), devised piece, dir. Dusan Fung
  • Memorias: Espectáculo en Soundpainting (Imaginario Colectivo), soundpainting show, dir. Dusan Fung


  • Improv Teacher and professor assistant at Roberto Angele´s Studio (2014-2017)
  • Improv technique for actors (2012-2017) at Imaginario Colectivo
  • Improv and Theatre Teacher at Universities: UPN, PUCP, ULima, D´Gallia


  • Member and Co-founder Imaginario Colectivo (Multidisciplinary Arts Company)
  • Director “La Casa Recurso” Rehearsal Space
  • Member of the Improv Company “Imprologia” (2009-2015)


Poetry writing, travelling, movement, activism, feminism.