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Special skills

Languages: Danish (fluent), French (beginners, conversational)

Singing: mezzo soprano

Dance: hip hop, contemporary, choreography

Music: Tibetan singing bowls / Koshi chimes

Other skills: skiing, PADI diver, horseback riding, aerial yoga, basic stunt training

Driving licence: international

Previous experience

Ensemble, The Bald Soprano (pilot), dir. Dunja Tot, Vienna

Supporting cast, Playing the Queen, Scandinavian American Theatre Company

Ensemble, The Undiscovered Country, Scandinavian American Theatre Company

Soloist, Beatles on uke Fest, Alvin Ailey Theatre

Dancer, Michael Jackson Tribute, Harlem Community Stage

Lead/Anna, Inquietude (short film), Fin Film

Stewardess, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, dir. Ben Stiller, Twentieth Century Fox

Supporting cast, A Soldiers Wife, NBC

Cecile Kirchner, Unit One, Danish National TV

The William Esper Studio NYC, Shakespeare: Patsy Rodenburg