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Special skills

  • Accents: American-Standard, English-Standard, Estuary English, Heightened RP, Irish-Southern, Lancashire, Liverpool, Manchester, RP, Scottish-Standard, Yorkshire, Norfolk
  • Music & Dance: Guitar, Bass Guitar, Singing, Contemporary Dance, Period Dancing
  • Sports: Sailing, Skiing, Water Skiing
  • Vehicle Licences: Car Driving Licence
  • Other Skills: Physics BSc, Film editing, Sound Editing, Directing

Previous experience


  • 2017, Stage, Shane, Millennials, Black Cat Theatre, Emelia Lovsey
  • 2016, Stage, Mr. Pencivile (lead), Mr. P, Pencil Dive, Laura Cairns
  • 2015, Stage, Ralph (lead), White Feathers, Blue Ash Theatre Company, Robert Walstonholms
  • 2015, Stage, Adam (lead), Charity - to give or not to give, Seek, Zayneb Khan
  • 2015, Stage, Dr Faustus, Dr Faustus, Found Out Theatre Company, Sarah Talbot
  • 2015, Stage, Lawrence, The Recruit, Bright Particular, Jenny Jenkins
  • 2015, Stage, Barry, Random Acts of Kindness, West Avenue Theatre Company, Benjamin Rogers
  • 2014, Stage, Jordan Heffer, The Office Christmas Party, Plunge Theatre, Anoushka Bonwick
  • 2014, Stage, Mustardseed, Midsummer Nightmare, West Avenue Theatre Company, Eloise Lally
  • 2014, Stage, Moth/Roy, Two, The Foundry @ Birmingham Repertory, Jenny Jenkins
  • 2014, Stage, Ensemble, Slightly Prospects, The Foundry @ Birmingham Repertory, Katerina Pushkin
  • 2014, Stage, Mr. Bingley/Wickham/Colins/Col. Fitzwilliam, Pride and Prejudice, Heartbreak, Maddy Kerr
  • 2014, Stage, Graham, This is Margaret, The Foundry @ Birmingham Repertory, Jenny Jenkins
  • 2014, Stage, Alex, The Recruit, The Foundry @ Birmingham Repertory, Jenny Jenkins
  • 2013, Stage, Daniel 'FROST' Frostman, Dreams From The Pit, Shadow Road Productions, Emma King-Farlow
  • 2013, Stage, Ralph Brooks, the Accrington Pals, Drama Studio London, Holly Wilson
  • 2013, Stage, Kit, French Without Tears, Drama Studio London, Gillian King
  • 2013, Stage, Alex, 100, Drama Studio London, Crispin Harris
  • 2013, Stage, MacBeth, MacBeth, Drama Studio London, Chris Pickles
  • 2013, Stage, Oliver, As You Like It, Drama Studio London, Peter Craze
  • 2013, Stage, Mr. Dorimant, The Man Of Mode, Drama Studio London, John Link
  • 2012, Stage, Trofimov, The Cherry Orchard, Drama Studio London, Illona Linthwaite

Short Film:

  • 2016, Short Film, Dan (lead), Cheater, D & M Day Productions, Devora Nickolovska
  • 2016, Short Film, Simon (lead), Serial, D & M Day Productions, Devora Nickolovska
  • 2016, Short Film, James (lead), Family Reunion, Mortal Productions, Amir Aal
  • 2015, Short Film, Ben (Lead), Edge of the Road, 48 Frames productions, Laetitia Cazaux
  • 2014, Short Film, Pig 3 (Lead), Three Greedy Pigs, Bad Wolf Productions, Jay Coates
  • 2014, Short Film, Norman (Lead), The Courier, Greenwich University, Robert Kettman
  • 2013, Short Film, Matt, Nobody Else, Alonewolf films, Cornelius Walker
  • 2013, Short Film, Gabe (Lead), Flatmates, Mortal Productions, Amir Aal


  • 2017, Commercial, Sir Black Jack, Castle Jackpot - Big Brother Ident, 5 Creative, Mike Sumpter
  • 2016, Commercial, Man, 3 mobile (online), Gravity Road, Dom Lashley


  • 2014, Television, Young Jimmy Swaggart, The Swaggart Story, Firecracker Films, James Cookson & Jon Davenport

Music Video:

  • 2015, Music Video, Actor, Sleep A Little Bit More, Sitcom Soldiers, Ben Thornley
  • 2013, Music Video, Jack (Lead), Backbone, George Ince, Moe Miah

Further Credits:

  • 2017, Educational, Bob Cratchit/Fred/Marley/Christmas Present, Christmas Carol, Quantum Theatre, Michael Whitmore
  • 2017, Film school, Alan, A Bitter Taste, University of Greenwich, Harry Hibbert
  • 2016, Educational, James Stevenson/Kitchener/Grey/Kaiser Wilhelm, Battle of the Somme, Quantum Theatre, Michael Whitmore
  • 2015, Educational, Adam, Drugs and Alcohol, Playright, John Shields
  • 2015, Rehearsed Reading, Michael, This is Margret, The Foundry @ Birmingham Repertory, Jenny Jenkins
  • 2014, Educational, Jack, Skin Deep, Playright, John Shields
  • 2012, Pantomime, Will Scarlet, Babes In The Wood, Drama Studio London, Crispin Harris

DRAMA STUDIO LONDON, 1 Year Professional Acting Course, 2012 - 2013


Science, History, Computer technology, Film Production, Mythology and Religion, the Supernatural.