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Productions whilst at RADA

  • Miles / Shawn / Rashaad
    Gloria directed by Georgia Green
  • Boatswain / Trinculo / Iris
    The Tempest directed by Cressida Brown
  • Sir Tunbelly / Foretop
    The Relapse (course project) directed by Giles Havergal
  • Clytemnestra / Chorus
    Agamemnon (course project) directed by Gary Lagden
  • Claudius / Ghost
    Hamlet (course project) directed by Annie Tyson


Watch Lee Simmonds perform an adapted monologue.

Special skills

Accents and dialects: good ear for accents - Leeds, French, General American, RP, Jamaican, Welsh, Mumbai, Republic of Ireland

Stage combat: BASSC Armed and Unarmed

Singing: tenor

Driving licence: UK

Previous experience

National Youth Theatre

BFA Fine Art, University of Oxford