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Productions whilst at RADA

  • Romeo / Benvolio
    Romeo and Juliet (course project) directed by Naeem Hayat
  • Klytaimestra / Old Man
    Electra (course project) directed by Melanie Jessop
  • Lord Worthy
    The Basset Table (course project) directed by Emma Jude Harris

Special skills

Stage combat: BASSC rapier and dagger (distinction), small sword (pass)

Singing: bass-baritone

Dance: period

Languages: Portuguese (intermediate)

Music: piano (grade 6, advanced), acoustic guitar, electric guitar (intermediate), drums and percussion (intermediate), harmonica (basic), bass (basic), singing, songwriting, composition, arranging, music production

Other: football and football coaching (advanced), running, swimming, cycling, capoeira (basic), stage combat (armed and unarmed)

Previous experience

RADA Foundation Course in Acting 2018 - 19