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Special skills

Accents: Mancunian

Singing: baritone

Dance: contemporary (intermediate), ballet (basic), contact improvisation (basic)

Music: guitar (proficient), ukulele (basic), percussion (basic), bass guitar (basic)

Sports: football (proficient), skateboard (basic), roller-blading (basic)

Other: British Sign Language (Level 1), drawing and painting (proficient), chef skills (basic), circus skills including silks, hoop and acrobalance (basic)

Previous experience

Devisor / Performer, Phantom Rides Again! (Good Cop Bad Cop)

Devisor / Performer, BEARS (Powder Keg)

Writer/ Performer/ Deviser/ Music Composer/ Producer, Morale Is High (Since We Gave Up Hope) (Powder Keg)

Dancer, Kingdom (Señor Serrano)

Sailor, It's A Sin (Red Production Company)

Dancer, Little Birds (Warp Films)

BA (Hons) Theatre Studies, Lancaster University