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Special skills

Accents: Midlands (West), General American, RP, Heightened RP

Music: guitar (basic)

Sports: climbing (boldering, sports climbing), motocross, personal trainer, boxing, yoga

Other: Stage combat BASSC armed (rapier/dagger) and unarmed, clowning, barista, bartender, filmmaker, writer, director, corporeal mime, physical theatre, mask, Commedia dell'arte, LABAN, puppetry

Driving licence: UK (full), motorcycle UK (full)

Previous experience

Alife/Ulf, COLD, dirs. Lisle Tuner and Claire Coache, Open Sky Ahead and Turtle Key Arts (24 film festival awards, 4 nominations)

Dean, Moments Like These, Giacomo Gex, Gex Films (writer, actor, producer)

Thom, A Walk, dir. Ben Ogunbiyi, (GoBanannas), (writer, actor, producer)

Slim Jim, Savvi (feature), dir. Abhinay Deo, Mishty Productions Limited and Silverline Production Inc.

Charlie, Forever Flowers, dir. Joe Solomon, Spoil productions 

Oscar, Close shave, dir. Mahmut Akay, AEE Entertainment 

Leon, Kid A, dir. Connor Kinsey, Home Pictures 

Red, The Exit, dir. Sara Saghari, Off Screen

John, Piece of Mind, dir. Oliver Lavery Farag, Flaming Goose 

Alife/Ulf, COLD, dir. Lisle Tuner and Claire Coache (Open Sky Ahead and Turtle Key Arts)

Ben, New Normal, dir. Nicholas Newman (Lloyd Corporation)

Crimpling Crusaders, dir. Rachael Savage, Vamos Theatre

Lieutenant, Widows, dir. Daniel Goldman, (Fourth Monkey)

Woman and the canvas, dir. Julias Von'Engle, Guillaume Pigé (Fourth Monkey)

Puchinella, Commedia dell'arte, dir. Antonio Fava, (Theatro del Vicolo)

Hot Hood, Toyota Relax, dir. Djawid Hakimyar, (Partisan/Toyota)

Voiceover, Nimbla, dir. Oliver Lavery Farag (Gallager)

Fourth Monkey two year rep (2016)

Commedia dell'arte - Antonio Fava, Reggio Emilia 2017

National Youth Theatre Epic Stages

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