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Special skills

Accents: RP, Standard American, London, Cockney, Essex, West-Country, East-of England, Australian, New Zealand, South Africa

Singing Voice: Bass/Baritone

Musical Instruments: Guitar (advanced), Piano (beginner)

Sports: Tennis, Racquet sports, Yoga, Running

Other skills: Screen-writing, Poetry-writing, Comedy-writing

Driving Licence: UK driving licence

Previous experience

Projects at RADA
Ensemble, Margot Monroe’s Nibelungenlied, dir. David Glass

Manifesto projects: The Dangling Man, Dangling Man, Bunkum; Joachim, Strange Summit, (inspired by Thomas Mann’s The Magic Mountain), devised and performed by No Comment Collective

Ensemble, Goodbye, dir. Kristine Landon-Smith and Neela Doležalová

Dramturge/Ensemble, The Suppliants, dirs. Aliki Stenou, Lane Paul Stewart, Kristin Winters

Ensemble, Tis Pity She’s a Whore, dir. Peta Lily

Macheath, The Threepenny Opera, dirs. Simona Gonella and Ian Morgan

Ejlert Lövborg, Hedda Gabler, dir. Linda Miller

Beryl Fingers, Drag Race Cabaret, dir. Jüri Nael


Jamie Harris, Holby City (2009)

Stolen (2010), Egg (2017), The Hex (2018), Words (2019)

Vice-president, writer and performer with the Footlight