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Special skills

Accents: Russian, German

Languages (other than English): Russian, German (mothertongues), French (Conversational)

Singing Voice: Alto

Dance: Contemporary, Showdance, Ballet, Jazz, Acrobatic (basic)

Musical Instruments: Drums, bongo drum (beginner)

Sports: Skiing, ice skating, roller skating

Driving Licence: European driving licence B

Previous experience

Film & TV:

Mary, Gipsy Queen, Hüseyin Tabak (Drama Cinema)

Shawna, Limbo, Jean-Luc Julien (Short)

Jana, Erbarme Dich Unser, Alexander Löwen

B, Bauer - Mission Impossible, Patrick Schlosser (Commercial)


Mascha, The Post-Nuptial Journey (play by Sorokin), devised Theater Akademie

Joe, Einfach nur Erfolg (by B. Zettner), dir. Katja Wachter

Multiple, Frankenstein, dir. David Shiner

Previous training:

BA Acting (at the Theatre Academy August Everding, Munich, Germany)

BA Arts and Multimedia (at the LMU, Munich, Germany)

Summer School in Devised Theatre (at ARCHA Theatre, Prague, Czech Republic)

Shakespeare Summer School (at LAMDA, London, Great Britain)


Scholar of the German Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes.