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Special skills

Accents: British, Eastern European, Bosnian, Serbian, Croatian, Russian, Hungarian, Turkish

Languages: English (fluent), Bosnian (fluent), Serbian (fluent), Croatian (fluent), German (conversational), Turkish (basic)

Dance: contemporary (proficient), tango (intermediate), jazz (intermediate), waltzer (intermediate), ballet (basic)

Sports: basketball (highly skilled), skiing (highly skilled), swimming (highly skilled), archery (well skilled), gymnastics (well skilled), judo (well-skilled), fencing (well-skilled)

Other: stage combat (highly skilled), moto riding (well-skilled), gun handling (well-skilled), clowning (well-skilled), pantomime (well-skilled), mime (well skilled)

EU and International driving licence

Previous experience

Projects at RADA
Him (lead), My boy you should, devised work

Hunter (lead), What if birds, devised by the MA Theatre Lab in collaboration with Euripides Laskaridis

Kuligin (supporting), Three Sisters, dir. Linda Miller  

Chaplain (supporting), Mother Courage and her Children, dir. Lesley Ewen

Valen (lead), Lonesome West, Academy of Performing Arts, Sarajevo

Kiril, Saša, Lake, Academy of Performing Arts, Sarajevo

Vojnik, Veliki Diktator, National Theater Sarajevo

Kuligin, Tri Sestre, Academy of Performing Arts, Sarajevo

Macbeth (adaptation), Doctor, dir. Jules Crossley

Physical Theatre / Dance
Ensemble, Beloved Enemy, Creative Europe

Dancer, Srebrenica Inferno, MESS Festival

Dancer, Exhibition of Safet Zec Exodus Potočari, MESS Festival

Film / video
Inspector (supporting), Labour Day, Obala Art (feature) 

Kevin (supporting), Sugarcoat, BFI (short movie)

Milan (main), Expats, independent (short movie) 

Almir (lead), Tell Me Something Nice, SSST

Hamza, Two Figures at River, dir Lukas Grevis

Hasan (lead), Dream Dance, dir. Lukas Grevis

Education / training
Department of Acting, BA Acting, Academy of Performing Arts, Sarajevo (2017-2021)

Talents Sarajevo Film Festival Acting Studio (2021)

Beloved Enemy Workshop-Ways of Heroes by Creative Europe (2021)