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Special skills

Accents: Kildare, midlands Ireland, North Dublin, South Dublin, Derry, Belfast, Cork General, RP, American General, Bronx, London

Languages: Irish, German

Music: drums (Grade 5 London College of Music), guitar, voice

Singing: baritone

Dance: contemporary, hip-hop

Physical theatre: corporeal mime, viewpoints, Theatre of the Oppressed

Sports: swimming, yoga, cycling

Other skills: playwriting, directing, poetry writing

Driving licence: full Irish

Previous experience

Hark, Carthaginians, dir. by Kellie Hughes

Dr Hallermier, R.U.R., dir. by Catriona McLoughlin

Gotharus, The Politician, dir. by Kellie Hughes

MacDuff, Macbeth, dir. by Peter Hussey

G, Memorial Ground, dir. by Onerva Helne

Edgar, King Lear, dir. by Lisa Barry

Ian, Shining City, dir. by Clarabelle Murphy

Joe, Hospital Food, dir. by Peter Hussey

Dave Briggs, A Vampire Story, dir. by Keith Burke

Raoul Wallenberg, Samovar, dir. by Rachel O'Sullivan

Guy, GUY, dir. by Ryan O'Donnell

The Fool, Talking Tarot, dir. by Tzarini Meyler

Aran, 5AM, dir. by Alec Delaney

As director/playwright
AGOG, prod. by Luna Collective. Directed.

Pertransiit Benefaciendo: (He) Went About Doing Good, prod. by Porcelain Theatre. Written and directed.

Addikt, written by Ryan O'Donnell. Co-directed.

BA, English with Drama, University College Dublin

Scholarship with Ad Astra Performing Arts Academy, University College Dublin

Masterclass in voice with Roy Hart Theatre, facilitated by David Goldsworthy

Founding member of Luna Collective