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Special skills

Accents: Standard English, RP, Welsh (South, North, Cardiff), West Country, London, Yorkshire, Belfast, Dublin, American (standard, Southern)

Singing: Baritone

Languages: Welsh (fluent), French (conversational)

Performance skills: Stage Combat (basic certificate), Dance (proficient)

Other: Basic horse riding

Driving Licence: Full UK driving licence

Previous experience


  • Rhys Edwards, Triptych, dir. Judith Roberts (De Oscuro/WMC/Chapter Arts )
  • Jiwdas Iscariot, Iesu!, dir. Cefin Roberts (National Theatre of Wales)
  • Lionel, Maid of Orleans, dir. Giles Havergal (Glasgow Citizens)
  • Medina Sidonia, Don Carlos, dir. Stephen McDonald (Glasgow Citizens)
  • Franz u/s, The Brothers, dir. Philip Prowse (Glasgow Citizens)


  • Keith Drake, Heartbeat, dir. Mark McKillop (ITV)
  • Stoney, Nuts & Bolts, dir. Gareth Lloyd Williams (ITV)
  • Craig, Pobol Y Cwm, dir. Gareth Lloyd (BBC)


  • Derek, My Feral Heart, dir. Jane Gull (Dull Boy Pictures)
  • Scally, The Secret Life of Michael Fry, dir. Marc Munden (Channel 4/Endor)