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Productions whilst at RADA

  • Malvolio
    Twelfth Night (course project) directed by Annie Tyson
  • Hyllos
    Women of Trachis (course project) directed by Jonathan Humphries
  • Ensign Lovely / Buckle
    The Bassett Table (course project) directed by Naeem Hayat and Edward Kemp

Special skills

Good ear for accents: RP, General American, Northern Ireland, New York Italian, North London, Bristol

Singing: Baritone-tenor

Dance: Period, ballet (basic)

Music: Guitar (basic)

Other skills: Basketball (school team), rugby (school team), swimming (competent), writing for stage and screen, filmmaking, stage combat (armed and unarmed)

Previous experience

Mark, WINK, dir. Faye Elvin (The Mission Theatre)

Tom, Burying your Brother in the Pavement, dir. Faye Elvin (The Alma Theatre)

Cameron, It Snows, dir. Alex Curry (National Theatre Connections)

RADA Foundation Course in Acting, 2017 - 2018
Co-founder of Pavilion State Films