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Special skills

Accents: American (southern states), American (standard), East Anglian,  Irish (northern), London, RP, Suffolk , Polish

Singing: tenor baritone

Dance: contemporary (basic / intermediate), period (intermediate) physical theatre (proficient)

Music: harp (basic)

Sports: archery, horse-riding, rugby, skiing

Stage combat: BADC Advanced: medieval longsword (distinction), quarterstaff (merit), axe and shield (distinction), 18th Century small sword (merit), axe and knife (distinction); Unarmed (distinction)

Other: bartender (mixologist) , workshop leader, writer , MOCAP

Previous experience

Porthos / Comte de Rochefort and others, The Three Musketeers, dir. Abigail Franklin (Boxtree Productions)

Mathias, The Threepenny Opera, dir. Michael Oakley (East 15 Acting School)

Steven, Leaves of Glass, dir. John Gillett (East 15 Acting School)

Tick, Tick and Tock, dir. Natalie Duvall (Creative Spotlight)

Gloucester, King Lear, dir. Jeremy Mortimer (East 15 Acting School)

Pishchik, The Cherry Orchard, dir. John Gillett (East 15 Acting School)

Who Gave You Permission to Die?, dir. Philip Weaver (East 15 Acting School)

Pulcinella, Commedia dell'Arte, dir. Howard Gayton, (East 15 Acting School)

Jonson ("C" Company), Journey's End, dir. Saul Dibb (Fluidity Films)

Andrew, With Love from Suffolk, dir. Will Wright, (Film Suffolk)

East 15 Acting School, BA Acting, 3 years, 2017-2020