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Productions whilst at RADA

  • Isabinda
    The Busie Body (course project) directed by Annie Tyson
  • Don John
    Much Ado About Nothing (course project) directed by John Gillet
  • Creusa
    Ion (course project) directed by Jane Bertish

Special skills

Good ear for accents: RP, General American, Russian, Belfast, North Carolina, Glaswegian

Awards: First Recipient of Tony Warren Drama Student Bursary, James Westaway Award (RWCMD)

Singing: Soprano (Grade 8/A Level Music)

Dance: Period, ballet, tap, modern, jazz, (all highly skilled); pointe (basic), waltz (basic)

Music: Piano (basic), ukulele (basic)

Languages: French (A Level)

Other skills: Swimming (National Championship Level), horse riding (basic), orienteering (NW Junior Squad/World Schools Championships), athletics (regional schools), netball (regional schools), yoga (intermediate), stage combat (armed and unarmed)

Full UK driving licence

Previous experience

Swallow, Ararat 2.0, dir. Simon Harris, RWCMD Young Actors Studio