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Special skills

Accents: General American, Standard English, Southern Irish

Languages: French (basic)

Singing: alto

Dance: contemporary (basic), contact improv (intermediate)

Music: guitar (intermediate), piano (basic)

Other: improv, clown, devising, juggling, voice artist, writer, musician, looping

Driving licence: Australian

Previous experience

Lost Boy, The Lost Boys, dirs. Craig Baldwin and Eliza Scott (Seymour Centre)

Luke from IT, Eugene, dir. Danielle Micich (Force Majeure)

Mary/Millicent/Musician, The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, dir. Jessica Arthur (Sydney Theatre Company)

Untitled, Pollon, dir. Eliza Scott (Kings Cross Theatre)

Sam, Homesick, dir. Claudia Osborne (Old 505 Theatre)

The Lady, The Lady or the Tiger, dirs. Mikala Westall and Claudia Osborne (Bondi Fest)

Chorus, CHORUS, dir. Clemence Williams, (Old Fitz Theatre)

Her, Two Hearts, dir. Jessica Arthur (KXT)

Charlotte, Wasted, dir. Elsie Edgerton-Till (Factory Theatre)

Bachelor of Performing Arts (Actors Centre Australia)