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Special skills

Accents: Irish, French, RP, general North American

Languages: Spanish (fluent), French (conversational)

Music: guitar (proficient), flute (proficient), piano (basic)

Sports: tennis -(basic), badminton (basic), swimming (highly skilled), cycling (highly skilled)

Other: barista, clowning, cooking

Previous experience

Celine the goat, Ti-Jean et la Chevre, Théâtre sans Frontières (tour)

Chorus, Emily: An English-language Noh, dir. Ashley Thorpe

Holly, A Funny Story, dir. Eleanor Cobb (Caryl Churchill Theatre)

Party Pig, Hey Piggy, Piggy (Four Corners Music Network)

Serena, The Golden Conch Shell (Théâtre sans Frontières)

It’s Got Legs!!!!!!!! by Deanna Arthur (Underrated & Skint Productions, Golden Goose Theatre)

Blocks Falling: The Tetris Musical (Rat Hands Theatre)

FIN by Tom Price (Brick Fox Theatre Company)

Woyzeck by Georg Büchner ­(Royal Holloway University of London)

Assistant Directing
R&D, Would you bet against us?, dir. Paul Hunter (Told by an Idiot, Birmingham Repertory Theatre)

Tofu Twirl, dir. Laurence Dollander (Heifer Productions)

You & Me by Dan Rebellato, dir. Rebecca McCutcheon

Master classes with Complicité, Monika Pagneux and José Vidal

Royal Holloway University of London - BA Drama and Spanish

One-year studying acting at the University of Chile, Santiago.