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Special skills

Accents: Cockney, Scouse, General American, Southern American, African American, Vernacular English

Languages: Shona (fluent), French (basic), Spanish (basic)

Sports: athletics (highly skilled), basketball (highly skilled), boxing (highly skilled), MMA (highly skilled)

Other: voice-over, puppetry, drawing and painting, rapping, directing, photography and screen writing

Driving licence: UK

Previous experience

Most recent work
Inca (Tower Boy), Supacell (Midtown) S1, dir. Rapman, Netflix (Hetv)

Charlie (Picture Double), Anansi Boys S1, dir. Douglas Mackinnon, Amazon (Hetv)

Jamal (Drug Dealer), Top Boy S3, dir. Myriam Raja, Netflix (Hetv)

Acting Foundation, City Academy