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Special skills

Stage Combat: Basic Rapier and Dagger, Tae Kwon Do, Jeet Kune Do, Boxing, Fencing, Kendo, Basic Capoeira, Basic Chinese Bagua.
Other Skills: Moderate level of Piano, Beginner level of Trumpet, Moderate level of Chinese(Mandarin), Fluent in Korean, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese English Accent.
Sports: Horse Riding, Basketball, Squash, Badminton, Tennis, Football, Cycling, Weight-lifting, Skiing, Swimming, Golf.

Previous experience

  • The Press Guidance, Don-gyul (Prosecutor), Dir. Oh Se-Hyuk, TOM 2 Theater
  • THE CHORUS / OEDIPUS, Oedipus, Dir. Seo Jae-Hyung, Auckland Arts Festival (Q Theatre)
  • INCOGNITO, Henry Maison, Michael Wolf and others, Dir. Yang Jung-Ung, Doosan Arts Centre (Space 111)
  • EQUUS, Alan, Dir. Lee Han-Seung, ChungMu Arts Centre (Black Theatre)
  • PERICLES, Pericles, Dir. Yang Jung-Ung, Seoul Arts Centre (CJ Towal Theatre)
  • THE JUNGLE BOOK, Kotick, Grey Brother and others, Dir. Lee Dae-Woong, Sanwoolim Theatre, Youtheatre
  • THE NAIL, Yoon-Ho, Dir. Lee Jun-Woo, DongSoong Stage Theatre
  • HIERON : PERFECT WORLD, Yuri, Dir. Yang Jung-Ung, Sundol Theatre
  • ROMEO & JULIET, Juliet, Dir. Yang Jung-Ung, Seogang University (Mary Hall) / ChungMu Arts Centre (Black Theatre)
  • KHOLSTOMER: THE STORY OF A HORSE, Count Bobrinsky and others, Dir. You In-Chon, Haenam Culture & Art Centre Theatre
  • KILLING THE ROMANTICIST, Ensemble, Dir. Yang Jung-Ung, Korea National Theatre (Baek-Jang Theatre)
  • LA VIEWS V : APRIL 29, 1992, Ensemble, Dir. John Miyasaki / Jully Lee, Company of Angels
  • THE COUNTRY WIFE, Harcourt, Dir. Paul Wagar, UCLA The Clark Memorial Library
  • THE ADDING MACHINE, The Fixer and others, Dir. J.Ed Araiza, UCLA The Freud Playhouse
  • THE FORGOTTEN WORLD, Ensemble, Dir. Shirley Jo Finney, UCLA The Little Theatre
  • HAMLET, Fortinbras and others, Dir. Michael McLain, UCLA The Little Theatre, LATC
  • THE HOUSEKEEPER, Tognino, Dir. Michael Hackett, UCLA The Little Theatre
  • COOPERATION, Hotel Concierge, Dir. Kim Sung-hoon, Feature film (JK FILM)
  • MY DICTATOR, Secret Service Agent #1, Dir. Lee Hae-Jun, Feature film (banzakbanzak FILM PRODUCTION)
  • BIG MATCH, Jae-yeol's Friend #1, Dir. Choi Ho, Feature film (BK PICTURES)
  • A DIVE, Coach, Dir. Lee Seung-Hwan, Short film
  • SMALL RANSOM, Mr. Q, Dir. Jules Nurrish, Short film (UCLA)
  • THE INTERVENTION, Rob, Dir. Patrick Brooks, Short film (UCLA)
  • UNBOUND, Orderly #3, Dir. Joann Wabisca, Short film (American Independent Film Company)
  • THE TRAINEE, Ninja #1 / Fight Chreographer, Dir. Miguel Alvarez, Web-series


I’m interested in the use of different languages and emerging different cultures into performances. I would like to translate and produce great plays from English to Korean in the future. I’m also interested in working as an actor in London, Korea and LA.