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Special skills

Accents: Midlands (native), RP, General American, Wisconsin, New York, Liverpool, Manchester, Yorkshire, Irish

Languages: Portuguese (conversational)

Singing: tenor

Dance: capoeira, contemporary

Music: guitar (advanced)

Sports: capoeira, tennis, boxing, martial arts, swimming, football

Other skills: bo staff, katana, screen combat, acrobatics, hand balancing

UK driving licence

Previous experience

Projects at RADA
Richard III, Extracts from Richard III, 2022, dir. Guillaume Pigé

Nick, This is highly unusual, 2022, dir. Billy Barrett

Putana, Tis’ Pity, 2022, dir. Peta Lily

Hephaestus, Promethus bound, 2022, dir. Ian Morgan and Christopher Siversten

The Cook, Mother Courage and Her Children, 2022, dir. Lesley Ewen and Ian Morgan

Andre Prozrov, Three Sisters, 2022, dir Robert Freid and Linda Miller

John Lennon, Bed Peace, 2019, Stage Craft Theatre, dir. Rocky Rodriguez Jr

Paul McCartney, Breaking The Band The Beatles, 2017, Reelz/ ITV, dir. Steve Webb

Blaze, Blaze of Fire, 2021, Brampton Grand Production House, dir. Flex Singh

Elijah, Fistful of Shekels - John Constantine Novel, 2021, Issacs Phrato Entertainment, dir. Phillip Ray Tommy

Musician, Stay, 2020, Dutch Courage Productions, dir. Jung Sun Den Hollander