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Special skills

Accents: Standard American, Irish, Northern Irish, Southern American, New York , German, French, RP, British, South African

Languages: Hebrew (basic)

Singing: soprano

Dance: contemporary (intermediate), jazz (intermediate)

Sports: basketball (intermediate), netball (intermediate), badminton (skilled)

Other: stage combat, skiing, comedy, stand-up comedy, clowning

Driving licence: Australian

Previous experience

Sasha, The Hero Leaves One Tooth, dir. Cam Turnbull, Ratcatch Theatre / KxT bAKEHOUSE - 2023

Putana, Tis Pity She's a Whore, dir. Harry Reid, The Company - 2022

Faustus / Evil Angel / Benvolio, Faustus, dir. Daniel Widdowson, Salt House Creative - 2022

Carla, Softly, Surely, dir. Paul Gilchrist, Subtlenuance Theatre - 2022

Maddie, Rape and Other Acceptable Practices, dir. Sylvia Keays, Salt House Creative - 2022/ 2021

Lady Grey, Lady Grey (in ever lower light), dir. Zac Bush, Panama Creatives/ KxT bAKEHOUSE - 2022

Messenger 4, Book of Job, dir. Daniel Widdowson, Pheonix Blue Productions - 2022

Lead, Worm, Parish Malfitano, Bloodshot Pictures - 2022

Bachelor of Performing Arts (Stage and Screen) at Actors Centre Australia from 2017-2020.