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Special skills

Accents: Singaporean / Singlish, General American, Standard British, General Australian

Languages: Mandarin (fluent), Cantonese (basic), Teochew (basic), Korean (basic)

Singing: mezzo-soprano

Dance: jazz (intermediate), street (intermediate), tap (basic), ballet (basic)

Music: piano (basic)

Sports: track and field - sprints and middle distance running, cycling, in-line skating, badminton, table tennis

Other: movement choreography and improvisation, cooking and baking, public speaking, poetry writing

Previous experience

Narrator 2, The Beginning of Anything, dir. Edith Podesta (Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay)

Ensemble, The Almighty Sometimes, dir. Daniel Jenkins (Singapore Theatre Company)

Movement Actor, The Last Silent Voice, dir. Edith Podesta (L’arietta Productions)

John Cage / Self, The John Cage Project, dir. Edith Podesta (LASALLE College of the Arts)

Dancer / Choreographer, Origin, devised (staged twice for Singapore Art Week and Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay)

Director / Co-choreographer, Queering the Canon (Sing’Theatre)

Lucinda, Into the Woods, dir. Tracie Pang (Pangdemonium Theatre Company)

Witch, Into the Woods, dir. Felipe Cervera (LASALLE College of the Arts)

Nancy, Oliver!, dir. Richard Webster (SJI International)

BA (Hons) Musical Theatre, LASALLE College of the Arts, LASALLE Award for Academic Excellence