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Productions whilst at RADA

  • Fabrizio
    Mirandolina directed by Simona Gonella
  • Various
    Metamorphoses directed by Tristan Fynn-Aiduenu
  • D / B
    Sticks and Stones directed by Diyan Zora
  • Lord Montague / Romeo
    Romeo and Juliet (Shakespeare for Young Audiences) directed by Darren Raymond
  • Justice Balance / Blacksmith
    The Recruiting Officer (course project) directed by Giles Havergal
  • Sir Andrew Aguecheek
    Twelfth Night (course project) directed by Zoë Waites
  • Orestes
    Elektra (course project) directed by Mathew Wernham


RADA presents Chengxi Fu's Screen Moment

Special skills

Accents and dialects: General American, Japanese

Stage combat: BASSC Armed (pass) and Unarmed (distinction)

Awards: Guangzhou Short Film Festival Best New Actor

Singing: baritone

Dance: jazz, K-pop, period, contemporary

Languages: Chinese (native), Chongqingnese (native), English (advanced), Cantonese (basic)

Other: Martial arts: Wing Chun (highly skilled), jujitsu (advanced) and baji (intermediate); boxing (intermediate), Miaodao (intermediate), skateboarding (intermediate), snowboarding (intermediate), horse riding (intermediate), football (school team), basketball (school team), pingpong, swimming, badminton, roller skating (basic), ice skating

Driving licence: China and Canada

Previous experience

Yuan Haotian, 彼岸 (On the Other Side), Canadian Chinese Theatre Company

Short film
Frank, 一念 (One Thought), Canadian Chinese Theatre Company

Lu Zheng, 清白之年 (The Year of Innocence), Zhang Li

Stand up comedy
Chongqing Traditional Theatre Company

Canadian Chinese Theatre Company

Beijing Aite Drama School

Chongqing Traditional Theatre Company