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Special skills

Accents: Middle Eastern, Latin American, RP

Languages (other than English): German (basic)

Singing Voice: Contralto

Dance: Modern dance, Period, Waltz, Samba

Other skills / Interests: Hula Hoop, Pottery, Writing

Driving Licence: International driving licence

Previous experience

Theatre & Performance:

Faust, Vielliecht?, Faust, August Everding Theater Munich, dir. Caner Akdeniz

Water of Life, Cansu, Melbourne Abbotsford Convent, dirs. Cansu Ince & Vangelis Legakis

I, Ulrike, Grido, Ulrike, UWE Festival Munich, dir. Cansu Ince

Animal Farm, Chicken, Mimar Sinan State Conservatory, dir. Yigit Sertdemir


Little Girl in the Mirror, Tine, Rabauke Filmproduktion, dir. Leni Brit Amtsberg


Fi, Dance Student, Puhu TV, dir. Mert Baykal


Istanbul Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, State Conservatory BA Acting, 2013-2018