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Special skills

Languages: Hindi (fluent), Assamese (fluent)

Singing: mezzo-soprano

Music: violin (proficient), harmonium (proficient), ukulele (basic)

Other: painting

Previous experience

Nishtha Kashyap (lead actor), The Seventh String (feature film), dir. Baharul Islam (Flying Seagull Productions)

Nina, The Seagull, dir. Baharul Islam (Seagull Theatre Academy)

Student, The Lesson, dir. Bhageerathi Bai (Seagull Theatre Academy)

Education and training
Acting training in Acting Shashtra under Prasanna Heggodu, an eminent theatre practitioner of India, an alumnus of the National School of Drama, and a former teacher (2022)

Acting Workshop at Lokadharmi under Chandra Dasan and Patrick Vella in Kerala, India (2022) 

Acting Training at Kala Academy under Waman Kendre, the former director of the National School of Drama in Mumbai, India (2022)

BA in Theatre Studies, English and Psychology at Christ University, Bangalore (2018-2021) 

Acting training at Seagull Theatre Academy under two Alumni (Baharul Islam and Bhagirathi Bai) of the National School of Drama in Assam, India (2005-2015)

Theatre Training at Adishakti, Pondicherry, India (2017)